Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Manzil for Safety and Removing Evil like evil cast and MAGIC affects from your life

We always had this printed version of manzil at our home since our childhood. My father emphasized on reading it regularly for barakah, staying safe and for removing any evil from our lives. My father also got the manzil printed and distributed them to many. I downloaded this pdf from ‫‪www‬‬.noorehidayat.o‬‬rg.

Reading this has many benefits. This collection is taken from Quran and combined into this manzil.

Click to download manzil.pdf

Dua for Children, Dua for Child Birth, Dua For seeking children's obedience from Allah

The first dua is also recommended for praying for child's birth. I personally did this dua (1st and 3rd ) during our trying to conceive period. With Allah's blessings, through my parents' duas (in Kaaba during their Hajj), Allah blessed me with a child after a long time. I kept reading these duas during my Pregnancy. The following prayers are for obedient children as well. Trust in Allah and read with faith that only Him can bless you whenever He wants. There are many examples in Islam, Prophet Ibrahim was blessed with Isaac through Sarah in his old age and Prophet Zikariya when he was old and bent with age, in his nineties, he had no children, for his wife was barren but when he prayed to Allah, Allah blessed him with a child.

Dua for Determination and Staying on right Path

Dua for Seeking Allah's Kindness and Acceptance of Prayers

This poweful dua from Quran is for acceptance of prayers.
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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Dua for uncurable disease, dua for sickness, dua for health, dua for weak eyesight

Right side, dua for uncurable disease, read it frequently
Left side dua for weak eye sight, read 3 times after every prayer and blow it on your fingers and touch your eyes.

Dua for Shifa. Aayat ul shifa. Dua for healing

While I was passing through a very hard phase of my life when i suspected my ONLY child may have some uncurable issue with his health, I repented and turned to Allah for His help. I changed myself knowing that i can not help my child with all my money and no one in this whole world can bring health to my child but Allah. I surrendered myself in His way and asked for help. Prayed these Ayat ul Shifa, Manzil (which is also posted in this blog) as well as Sura Yasin daily along with my prayers. It was month of ramadan and within a month, Allah Almighty resolved everything. My child recovered and there was no suspicious signs left.

I can't tell Allah Almighty gave me a second life. So i fully and strongly believe that only Allah can change your circumstances and nothing else. So dont turn and ask others to help. Ask Allah to help you. and keep your faith strong.

I also read on a forum that an Imaam of a mosque had been reading this 'aayat-ul-shifa' and blowing it on food and water and onto the patient itself for healing purposes. That Imaam had done this for his two autistic children in Lahore Pakistan, his children started speaking after 7 years who didnt even speak a single word. I thought i should try this. I would recommend where you are praying to Allah and doing all possible efforts, include these aayat ul shifa in your routine as well. Just keep faith. Health and lives are only controlled by Allah, you can not buy them with money. Making a strong bond with Allah and asking Him for everything by keeping your faith will inshaAllah reward you. Allah has helped me a lot in my difficult times. i feel embarassed for my not remembering Allah, for all the missed prayers and not obeying Him the way He told us in Quran. May Allah forgive use all and be kind to us (amen).
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Read sura fatiha three times before reading this dua.

99 Names of Allah

full of barakaat! All names of Allah are beautiful and their special benefit of reciting them. I have saved this sheet of Allah's name. I specially like reading them in the month of ramadan. Sharing it with you. Read from left to right in order starting from 'Allah'.

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Purpose to create this blog

Assalam O Alaikum !

The purpose of making this blog is to collect and share with all my muslim brothers and sisters, the common prayers and duas that i have been recommended or i have saved on my devices to read in my daily life to solve my problems and bring Allah's blessing in my life. I am a kind of person who strongly believes that Allah's quranic verses and duas made by prophets have their strong affects in our lives. I have read that nothing can change your fate but your duas.

I consider myself just an ordinary person and i dont claim i am a very good muslim so please accept my apologies if your opinion is different than me on some matters or if i make any mistake.
Please don't discourage me, all i want is that i can only spread good words and Allah forgive my sins.(amen)

I will share here duas that people spread using other means like facebook, downloadable pdfs, images and some of them would be images taken by me. I will try to put the name of the sites from where i get the material.

I will also share my personal experiences whereever they would apply.

Thanks, remember me in your prayers.

A sister